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Case Study – Empowerment

Here is a campaign that I am especially proud of. As part of an overall effort to stem a rapid decline in enrollments at Cape Cod Community College, through discovery, we found that that a major obstacle CCCC was facing was a poor reputation among high school graduates. Most community colleges are viewed as a fallback, last resort or “plan B” choice. One of the objectives of our ad campaign was to reposition CCCC as a first choice (plan A) option for those who are seeking a quality education at a great price. In fact, current and prospective students should be proud to choose CCCC as it is was often a very wise choice.


Of course, the Cape is shaped like an elbow, and one unique behavior I observed is that people would lift an arm (similar to “making a muscle” action) to represent the Cape and then point to a spot on their arm that would correspond with a location on the Cape when describing where that location was. I had my creative department use that as a visual way to demonstrate a sense of empowerment that students were making a positive and powerful decision to go to CCCC and start their future. I also instructed them to feature a silhouette of the Cape acting as the shadow of the arm in order to help seat the idea that the bent arm was in fact a representation of a map of the Cape. We developed the slogan – “Powerful futures start here” to support the message and serve to prompt the elbow visual with a student pointing to where CCCC would be located on the Cape.


What a terrific self-empowerment message and one that was completely unique to residents of the Cape. We carried the campaign through al tactics including radio, web site and online video. We created an “anthemic” video with various students making muscles and pointing as they energetically walk through campus. Even the President of CCCC got into the act and made the gesture.




The campaign was a great success, helping to galvanize a real sense of pride that was missing from the campus and helped invigorate not only students (boosting retention), but also faculty, administrators, alumni and the local communities. Over the course of the next few years, enrollment did indeed turn around. So all in all, a great experience with CCCC.

Steven Salloway

Steve is a seasoned Brand Strategist and serves a strategic advisory role for many existing agency accounts at Davis Advertising, located in Worcester, MA. From market research, to brand positioning and account planning, he’s recently completed naming projects for Cornerstone Bank and Coastal Heritage Bank, brand positioning projects for Service Credit Union, the Yesway Convenience Store chain and the Wayback Burgers franchise.

Over the past 13 years at Davis Advertising, he was the Account Supervisor on the Charter Communications account – a Fortune 500 company, and has worked on a wide array of brands from the higher education, franchising, business-to-business, telecommunications, healthcare, financial and retail categories.

Having worked at RDW Group and Donovan Group Integrated Marketing, he has an extensive background in marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, and media. While there he managed such notable accounts as Fallon Community Health Plan, UMass Memorial Healthcare, HealthAlliance, HarborONE Bank (formerly Brockton Credit Union/HarborONE Credit Union), Markem, Stratus Computer and Simplex Manufacturing.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration in Advertising/PR from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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